Tactical Equipment and Weapons Accessories

Tactical Equipment and Weapons Accessories

Tactical Equipment and Weapons AccessoriesTactical Equipment and Weapons Accessories at BASTION HLS®, Where Each Piece of Equipment and Accessory Is as Important as the Whole System.

Purchasing smaller scale tactical equipment and weapon accessories may seem a straightforward task, but the truth is quite the opposite, all the more so for BASTION HLS®’s clients, – large organizations and institutions who typically order substantial, often massive quantities. At such scopes, every detail becomes significant, from precisely specifying each technical parameter, making necessary modifications, and planning the logistical aspects of shipping a lot of equipment to the client, and then configuring and distributing each piece to end users, to negotiating quantity discounts, which can markedly impact total cost. With decades of experience, both from a professional and from a commercial perspective, BASTION HLS® is uniquely qualified to manage and facilitate such intricate and/or mass purchasing projects.

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The BASTION HLS® tactical equipment advantage:

  • Employ state-of-the-art technologies
  • Robust, reliable systems
  • Combat Proven
  • Unparalleled quality
  • Lightweight
  • Meet all standards – NATO, IDF
  • Cost-effective

Jamming Systems

Jamming Systems - bastion-hlsIn today’s battlefields, at the frontline or in the fight against terrorism, electronic warfare is always a part of the equation, often the primary factor, and jamming systems are at the heart of it all. At BASTION HLS® we focus on the small-medium, mobile end of the spectrum, including vehicle-based systems, tactical systems, and anti-jamming systems. To the extent possible, we make use of Israeli technologies, the most advanced in the world, that are able to block nearly any frequency or type of broadcast (including 4G), and we mesh them into solutions that can be used in any region, any topography and at any range, as demanded by our clients.

BASTION HLS® Jamming Solutions:

  • In armored or “standard” vehicles
  • Tactical bases
  • Manpacks
  • Anti-drone
  • VIP private channels

Personal Tactical Equipment and Weapons Accessories

In a sentence – Millions of law enforcement and federal agents, soldiers and civil defense service-people and public-safety and tactical professionals, around the world, trust BASTION HLS® for their essential equipment and weapons accessories. While this speaks for itself, the trust that these individuals and the organizations who employ them put in BASTION HLS® is well-founded.  As an example – well-aware of our verifiable track-record and experience as former IDF officers, our clients find tremendous peace-of-mind in the knowledge that we oversee all development, design, and manufacturing, adapt each piece of equipment or weapon accessory to the specific needs of the purchasing entity, ensure compliance with NATO or local standards and use cutting-edge, lightweight composite materials that are also cost-effective, such as ballistic shield plating.

BASTION HLS® tactical equipment and accessories include:

  • Bulletproof Vests
  • Guard Vests
  •  Concealed Vests
  • SWAT Vests
  • Floating Protective Vests
  • Bulletproof Plating
  • Bulletproof Helmets
  • Helmet Mounted Cameras
  • Shields and other Riot Gear
  • Night-vision goggles
  • Gun sights
  • Binoculars
  • Flashlights
  • Gas Masks

Weapons Maintenance

To complement our selection of weapons accessories, BASTION HLS® offers an advanced weapons maintenance solution that will help you extend the lifetime of your weapons and, infinitely more important, help ensure that the weapons function properly in any conditions. Our weapons maintenance solution is based on the highly advanced DuraCoat® protective coating, with its unique combination of elasticity and hardness, that guards weapons from scratches, forceful impacts and the elements.  Over time, the BASTION HLS® team has become exceedingly adepts at applying DuraCoat® to nearly any type of weapon, from semi-automatic rifles to handguns, helping our clients keep their firearms in service longer and with little to no malfunctions.

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Write to us

Write to us now or just give us a call at +972 (50) 828-3733



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